Kepler - Recuperación de espacios contaminados y consultoría medioambiental

Technology and science on behalf of sustainability

Engineering in renewable Energies

KEPLER offers a wide range of solutions in the fields of environment protection, Renewable Energies and the managment of safety in the handling, transportation and storage of hazardous products.

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Environmental Company

Since its foundation in 1995, KEPLER, INGENIERÍA Y ECOGESTIÓN offers a wide range of solutions to companies for the protection of the Environment and for the Management of Safety in the Handling, Transportation and Storage of Hazardous Products as well as in the field of Renewable Energy.

In these fields the company has excelled in numerous innovative and sustainable projects including studies of contaminated soil and water, preparation of risk and due diligence reports, forensic studies, management of hazardous products, remedying of contaminated sites, and design and turnkey delivery of anaerobic digestion plants and hydroelectric power plants.

The multidisciplinary staff has a long experience in the Integration of Knowledge. The company is committed to innovation, creativity and Management by Values, as well as to the biomimicry approach in the application of innovative and sustainable solutions.

The company is formed by the Consulting Department, the Project Management Office (PMO), the Technical Services Department, including a Mirobiological Laboratory and a Workshop, the Quality Assurance and Health&Safety Departments, the Research and Development Department, as well as the Departments of Human Resources, Administration and Finance. An Inspection Body accredited by the National Entity of Accreditation ENAC according to ISO 17020 is part of the organization chart of KEPLER, too.

Mission - Vision - Values


The company works for:

  • To provide its customers with solutions, through Innovative, Efficient and Sustainable Technology Projects in the sectors of Environment, Industrial Safety and Energy, covering the fields of environmental consulting, industrial safety, remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, environmental conformity assessment according to the ISO 17020 standard, waste management and renewable energies.
  • Protect and restore the ecological systems, the biological diversity and the natural processes that sustain life, betting on biomimicry, global and sustainable solutions.

How KEPLER is doing it?

  • By providing value to obtain a fund of satisfied and loyal customers, offering them excellent products and technological services.
  • By creating an environment of trust and transparency around the company.
  • By improving competitiveness, minimizing costs and increasing sales through a process of continuous improvement, obtaining an economic benefit that, in the long term, is advantageous for customers, employees, suppliers and the company, as well as for society.
  • By providing a good working environment, multidisciplinary, in which each employee can develop his or her skills, knowledge and creativity.
  • By making a continuous effort in R + D + i to provide the company with new knowledge and technologies.


To be the outstanding company in the sector in terms of quality and knowledge”


KEPLER has adopted a model of Management by Values that are shared by its human team, customers and suppliers:

Consultoría medioambiental KEPLER - valores
Human Team

KEPLER’s greatest asset is its human team made up of a multidisciplinary group of professionals, which includes chemists, physicists, biologists, geologists, environmentalists, civil and public works engineers, industrial and process engineers, safety advisors, graduates in right, economists and various technical specialists with professional training. All of them are highly qualified. This crew, together with strategic alliances with national and international companies, universities and research entities, has placed the company over the years at the forefront of the sector.


Either the project or action is of small or large scale, simple or complex, all the experience and know-how of KEPLER is on behalf of KEPLER´s customer.

The company has been rewarded its efforts with a prestigious clientele from the oil, chemical, aeronautical, automotive, hospital, land and maritime transport, agricultural, waste management industries as well as from armies and other public entities and insurance companies.

These are some of the clients of the company:

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A clear and defined vision:

To be the reference company in the sector in terms of quality and knowledge

For this reason, the members of KEPLER are involved and committed to achieve business excellence through the development of innovative methodologies and action procedures, designed to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level, offering a rapid, effective and adapted reponse to your needs.

All its crew through the business communication plan shares this commitment to excellence.

The company has certifications in the standards UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015, with R + D + i management system, based on the UNE 166000 standard, as well as with various accreditations:

  • UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17020 as inspection entity by ENAC regarding associated soil and groundwater.
  • Entity of Investigation and Recovery of the Soil Quality of the Basque Government
  • Collaborating entity for control and sampling in the sectoral area of ​​control and monitoring of the quality of water bodies and waste management of the Generalitat of Catalonia.
  • Control entity in the sectoral field of soil pollution prevention for the investigation subfield (I) of the Generalitat of Catalonia.
  • Authorization as Manager of Hazardous Waste for the Decontamination of Soils by the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucia
  • Collaborating Entity in matters of Environmental Quality of the Junta de Andalucía.
  • Collaborating Entity on Environmental Pollution of the Government of the Canary Islands.
  • Collaborating Entity in the matter of contaminated soils of the Junta de Extremadura.
  • Collaborating Entity in the field of contaminated soils of the Valencian Community.