Kepler - Recuperación de espacios contaminados y consultoría medioambiental
Investigación de emplazamientos potencialmente contaminados


  • Preliminary report of the soil situation, baseline report, and periodic reports on the state of the soil
  • Voluntary and regulatory inspections of potentially contaminated soils and associated groundwater
  • Soil and groundwater conformity assessment according to ISO 17020 – ENAC (see KEPLER Inspection Entity)
  • Technical assistance in case of legal requirements
  • Characterization of solid or liquid waste for landfill management or other authorized managers.
  • Environment impact assessment
  • Health and Safety Plans in decontamination projects
  • Detailed investigation of soils and aquifers for the preparation of decontamination projects and their technical and economic viability in the purchase or before a change of use (due diligence)
  • Studies and project design for Monitored Natural Attenuation
  • Investigation and characterization of soil, groundwater and surface water:
    1. Light and heavy geotechnical drillings.
    2. Installation of piezometers
    3. Design and execution of soil and groundwater sampling
    4. Physical-chemical and biological analysis in the field and laboratory
    5. Characterization of solid and / or liquid waste for landfill disposal or other authorized managers
    6. Isotopic analysis (forensic studies, biological treatments)
    7. Electrical tomography
    8. Eco-toxicity essays
  • Geological and hydrogeological studies for prevention and remedying environmental damages
  • Biogeochemical studies for the determination of REDOX conditions (prior to biological remediation)
  • Modelling the transport of substances in soils and aquifers
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
  • Forensic Studies to receive information about the origin of an environmental damage
  • Eco Balance and Optimization of the sustainability of decontamination projects (Green Remediation)
  • Preparation of complementary and compensatory remediation plans for contaminated soil and aquifer recovery projects in accordance with Directive 2004/35/CE on environmental liability

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