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Engineering in Renewable Energy

Kepler offers and integral service in the development of projects for the use of hydraulic energy, biogas plants and solar energy.

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KEPLER offers innovative Anaerobic Digestion Plants (AD plants; biogas plants) adapted to the customer circumstances. The company is able to offer AD plants of one and two stages depending on the type of substrate. The investigations carried out in a two-stage biogas plant operated by KEPLER, together with the technological collaboration with our German partner SNOW LEWPARD PROJECTS GMBH, allow us to have the best available technology and offer an integral service for biogas plant projects:

  • Technical and economic viability studies
  • Project development
  • Permit Management
  • Analysis of substrates for biogas plants: agricultural and livestock waste, waste from the food industry and energy crops.
  • Evaluation of the biogas potential of different substrates (discontinuous test)
  • Design, optimization and simulation of biogas installations at a pilot plant scale (continuous experiment)
  • Design and turnkey delivery of Biogas Plants
  • Control and monitoring of Biogas Plants
  • Maintenance of Biogas Plants throughout the national territory
Hydraulic energy


Since nearly a quarter century KEPLER has been betting on this renewable energy providing solutions that are integrated into the natural and cultural environment of the sites.

Hydroelectric power stations

  • Technical and economic viability studies
  • Project development
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Studies
  • Management of Water Concessions and Permits
  • Design and turnkey delivery of Hydroelectric Power Plants